In order to achieve its goal, the Organization sets the following statutory tasks in accordance with the procedure established by the current legislation of Ukraine:

– promotion of the process of development of the rule of law in Ukraine;
– promoting harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the legislation of the European Union and its reformation using the experience of the developed democratic states;
– promoting the professional development of lawyers and the promotion of ethical standards of behavior among lawyers;
– assistance in improving the system of education and upgrading the level of lawyers` qualification;
– promotion of legal culture and legal awareness of citizens, development of their legal ideology;
– promotion of the role of law and the legal profession in society;
– promotion of the legal services market in Ukraine;
– assistance in conducting free and democratic elections in Ukraine;
– ensuring the protection of the legal rights and interests of the members of the Organization and strengthening the existing legal rules on the legal protection of lawyers and members of the Organization;
– making proposals to state authorities and local self-government bodies;
– participation in organization and financing, as well as independent conferences, courses, trainings, lectures, seminars and other educational and scientific events, including international, related to the statutory activities of the Organization;
– promoting the division of competences of the state and society in the direction of increasing the powers of society and the emergence of new relations between society and the state;
– control over the priority of human rights and freedoms before the interests of the state;
– promoting freedom of speech and the media;
– promoting the formation of a civic consciousness between the public, based on the national interests of the state and human values;
– participation in events and actions aimed at eliminating gaps in legislation;
– participation in scientific conferences, involvement of universities, state bodies, other public organizations in cooperation;
– studying the experience of foreign countries in the field of law, the achievements of domestic legal science and education;
– cooperation with other public formations, including international ones;
– creation and implementation of various projects, implementation of programs;
– realization of public activity, which is aimed at mobile counseling of the population and legal entities on legal and other issues.